Space and Style: Choosing the Perfect Bathtub Shower Combo

October 15, 2023
Expert bathtub shower combo design and installation.

Ever been in the shower, feeling the heat of the water as it trickles over your skin and thought how great it would be to just sit back and relax? Or maybe you’ve been lounging in a bubble bath dreaming of a refreshing, quick rinse. With a bathtub shower combo, you can have both without compromising on space or style.

This ingenious solution is more than just practical; it’s an opportunity to elevate your bathroom into something truly special. From budget-friendly options to luxurious spa-like experiences, there’s no limit to what these combos can offer.

Dive into this post as we explore everything from benefits and types of bathtub shower combos to design ideas that will transform your bathing routine. Soak up knowledge on installation services – even if DIY isn’t your thing – because at the end of our journey together, you’ll be ready for any bathroom project with confidence!

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Table Of Contents:

Understanding Bathtub Shower Combos

If you’re looking to save space while enhancing your bathing experience, a bathtub shower combo might be the solution. This type of combo is not only useful, but also a favorite in many households for its comfort and space-saving features.

What is a Bathtub Shower Combo?

A bathtub shower combo merges two essential bathroom fixtures into one unit, offering both soaking and showering options within the same footprint. Whether it’s a traditional design or an innovate tub shower combo kit from Delta, these units can suit various aesthetic preferences.

Bathtub/shower combos come in different types like acrylic models and even bargain basement fiberglass tubs for those on tight budgets. But don’t let that limit your imagination; with tile finish options such as subway tile design, you can give your bathroom project a high-end look without breaking the bank.

Why Choose a Bathtub Shower Combo?

The appeal of tub showers goes beyond their dual functionality. If you love bubble baths but need the efficiency of quick showers, having this combination bathtub offers best of both worlds. And if natural light isn’t plentiful in your bath area? No worries. With replacement wall panels or perhaps some innovative walls & doors solutions, we can fix that too.

Frequently asked questions about these units often revolve around size considerations – they are ideal for smaller bathrooms where separate fixtures would take up more room than available.

You may have noticed whirlpool features listed among our keywords – yes. Some tub-shower combos incorporate whirlpool systems adding another level of luxury to your daily routine.

Here‘s where I’d suggest starting your research. Their tub shower combo collections offer a variety of styles, features and price points to suit different needs and budgets.

Key Takeaway: 


Space-saving and practical, a bathtub shower combo merges the luxury of soaking with the efficiency of showering into one unit. Available in various styles like acrylic or budget-friendly fiberglass models, they can be enhanced with high-end tile finishes for aesthetic appeal. Ideal for smaller bathrooms, some units even incorporate whirlpool systems to elevate your daily routine.

Types of Bathtub Shower Combos

The variety in bathtub shower combos is vast, catering to a range of tastes and requirements. These combos are available in different materials like Acrylic, Fiberglass, Porcelain-Enameled Steel, and ABS Plastic1.

Freestanding Tub Shower Combos

If you’re looking for an elegant bathing solution that’s both practical and stylishly modern, freestanding tub shower combos might be your answer. The combo unit serves as a chic centerpiece while still offering the convenience of two-in-one functionality.

This type provides the luxury feel of standalone bathtubs combined with the functionality of a quick rinse under the shower enclosure when needed. It also offers flexibility with wall finish types which can match any bathroom decor.

One Piece vs Multi-Piece Units

In terms of construction options, one piece units provide seamless design aesthetics but may pose challenges during installation due to their size. On the other hand, multi-piece units (Two piece up to Six piece) offer easier handling and installation1. A good rule thumb here would be to assess your access routes before deciding on this factor.

Tub Showers With Whirlpool Features

Moving into more specialized territory we have tub showers equipped with whirlpool features for those who appreciate spa-like bath resources at home. They deliver powerful water jets that massage away stress after a long day or help start mornings refreshed – it’s almost like having your personal masseuse.

Note though, while these are a treat for your senses, they might need more maintenance than their simpler counterparts. But then again who said luxury comes without its share of work?

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Choosing the Right Bathtub Shower Combo

Picking a bathtub shower combo can feel like an overwhelming task, especially with so many options on the market. When selecting a bathtub shower combo, be mindful of the size constraints of your bathroom. If you have a small bathroom, it’s essential to choose something that will fit perfectly without making space look cramped.

One way to do this is by focusing on tubs with designs and tile patterns suitable for smaller spaces. A well-designed Home Depot tub/shower unit can make your bathroom appear larger than it actually is because of its strategic design elements.

Considerations for Small Bathrooms

The price range varies significantly when choosing a bathtub shower combo, from $40 – $50 bargain basement fiberglass tubs up to luxury acrylic models costing between $4000 – $5000. It’s crucial not only consider aesthetics but also durability and ease of cleaning when selecting materials.

Your budget might stretch more at places like Home Depot where special values are often available. In terms of drain location, you’ll find combos designed with right, left or center drains catering different layout needs in bathrooms across households.

An interesting point: if you’re considering reselling your home soon, picking out neutral tones could be a good idea since they appeal broadly to potential buyers.

Apart from these considerations while purchasing new units or replacement kits; maintaining natural light within the room should be kept in mind as well during remodeling phases since darker corners could potentially turn into breeding grounds for molds over time causing unwanted health hazards.

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Designing Your Bathtub Shower Combo

Your bathtub shower combo can be more than just a functional part of your bathroom. It’s an opportunity to express your style and create a soothing, personal space.

Traditional Elegance with Natural Colors

Achieving traditional elegance in your combination bathtub/shower starts with choosing natural colors. Using earth tones like warm browns or cool grays can bring serenity into the bathing area. To make this happen, consider wall panels that mimic the look of stone or wood.

You don’t have to stick strictly to one shade; mixing similar hues adds depth and texture to the design. For instance, incorporating different shades of blue from light sky blues on wall textures up towards darker navy for accents gives you variety without breaking away from a unified color scheme. KALLISTA offers great options if you’re looking for such flexibility.

Modern Designs for Guest Baths

If you’re designing a guest bath, going modern is often a safe bet since it appeals widely while still showing off contemporary aesthetics.

Incorporate geometric patterns into tile layouts along grout lines or opt for sleek glass tub doors instead of traditional curtains; both lend themselves well to current trends in interior design.

An important thing about today’s designs is they’re not only visually pleasing but also practical. That means considering non-slip surfaces on floors as well as easily cleanable materials like acrylic models when selecting your tub door material – safety doesn’t mean compromising on style.

Note: Did you know? Research shows using natural colors and tones can create both traditional and elegant styles for any combination bathtub/shower.

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Bathtub Shower Combo Installation

Installing a bathtub shower combo may seem daunting, but it’s more straightforward than you think. You’ll need to consider factors like the alcove size for your tub unit and possible seating options if needed.

The first step is measuring your bathroom space accurately. Ensure that the alcove bathtub fits perfectly into the dedicated area without cramping other fixtures. Remember, proper installation starts with precise measurements.

You also want to take safety into account during this process. If accessibility is an issue or there are elderly members in your household, installing safety rails around the bathing area can be beneficial.

STERLING, known for its high-quality bathroom products, provides several secure grip options compatible with their tub units.

Professional Assistance vs DIY Approach

If you’re handy around tools and have some basic plumbing knowledge, you might be tempted to tackle this project on your own.

But remember: Installing a bath/shower combo involves not just assembly but often changes in plumbing lines as well. Mistakes could lead to costly repairs down the line. That’s why many homeowners opt for professional help instead of taking risks they aren’t comfortable handling themselves.

Selecting Your Service Provider

If going pro sounds appealing – we’ve got good news. Dream Bath Solutions, a family owned and operated bathroom remodeling company based in Burr Ridge Illinois, services the entire Chicagoland area and is ready to serve YOU. It saves time and stress by allowing these professionals, with over 3 decades of experience to handle it all, making your bathroom remodel as hassle-free as possible.

Final Words

No matter how you decide to approach your bathtub shower combo installation, make sure that safety and precision are your guiding principles. This way, you’ll be enjoying a relaxing soak or an invigorating shower in no time.

Key Takeaway: 


Setting up a bathtub shower combo is less scary than it seems. Measure your space accurately, and think about safety features like grip rails, especially for elderly folks. You might feel the DIY itch, but remember: mistakes can be costly. Many prefer to let pros handle installation – retailers like The Home Depot offer this service. Regardless of how you proceed, make sure safety always takes center stage in your plans.

Upgrading Your Bathtub Shower Combo

If your bathtub shower combo is looking a bit tired, it might be time for an upgrade. Don’t fret – you don’t need to tear out the whole tub/shower combo and start anew. With some smart choices and creative design touches, you can transform your bathroom into a personal spa.

The easiest way to give your tub/shower combo a fresh look is by upgrading the hardware. Delta, for instance, offers stylish faucets, showerheads, handles, and diverters that can make a surprising difference in both functionality and aesthetics of your bathing area.

New Features for Better Bathing Experience

A whirlpool system could add luxury to your daily routine with therapeutic jets soothing those sore muscles at the end of each day. Research 2 suggests these features are not only relaxing but also have health benefits like improved circulation.

You might also want to consider incorporating innovative shower modules into your upgrade plan. These units come equipped with modern conveniences such as adjustable spray patterns or steam options that take ordinary showers up several notches.

Add Elegance with Design Touches

Your choice of wall panels will play an important role in determining how luxurious (or basic) this space feels too. Natural stone-like finishes bring elegance while subway tile designs offer timeless appeal without blowing the budget on actual marble or ceramics.

An upgraded bathtub door instead of a traditional curtain will help keep water where it belongs – inside the tub. This change alone gives off a sleeker look, making the room seem more spacious than before.Bathroom remodeling projects may seem daunting, but when tackled correctly, they lead us towards our dream bath solutions.

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Enhancing the Look of Your Bathtub Shower Combo

If you’ve ever gazed at your bathtub shower combo and thought, “It could use a little pizzazz,” then this is for you. Let’s discuss some practical yet creative ways to spruce up that bathing area.

First off, consider switching out those boring old bathtub doors. Nowadays, there’s no shortage of designs to pick from that will let you show off your individual flair while still appearing sophisticated.

The choice of wall panels can make or break the aesthetic appeal of your tub/shower unit. A popular option is using subway tile with grout lines for a classic look. But why not get adventurous? Uneven floor and wall tiles create an open-concept rustic charm without compromising on style.

Experimenting with Color & Texture

A dash of color never hurt anyone. Experimenting with different hues in natural tones can enhance traditional designs and add depth to modern aesthetics.

An overlooked aspect often is texture – it adds character. Don’t be afraid to play around with different finishes like matte or gloss; they give unique effects under various lighting conditions. Did I mention how stunning this looks when sunlight streams through?

Making Space for Little Luxuries

You don’t need extravagant whirlpool systems (although they are pretty cool.) for an indulgent bath experience. Simple upgrades like changing faucets, handles, or even diverters bring surprising results.

Bubble baths just got better thanks to improved showerheads offering diverse water patterns – raindrops falling gently during bath time sound heavenly indeed.

So there you have it. A few tweaks here and there can take your bathroom tub/shower from ordinary to extraordinary. For more ideas, do check out our FAQ section. Because at the end of the day, nothing beats a well-deserved soak in an inviting bathtub shower combo.

Key Takeaway: 


Let’s not overlook the finer details that can really make a difference, like swapping out faucets, handles or diverters. These minor changes may seem insignificant but they have the power to truly transform your bathtub shower combo into an oasis of style and comfort. So go ahead, let your creativity run wild and reinvent your space with these nifty tweaks.

Innovations in Bathtub Shower Combos

Recent years have seen remarkable innovations transforming the bathtub shower combo scene. Not only do these advances provide a more enjoyable bathing experience, but they also bring an element of sophistication to your bathroom remodeling project.

The innovation wave has ushered in features like whirlpool systems and acrylic models that outshine traditional bargain basement fiberglass tubs. A visit to any home center today will present you with innovative tub shower combo collections that’ll leave you spoilt for choice.

Delta, a leading brand in this space, has made waves with their innovate tub shower combo kit options. These kits often include replacement wall panels sporting subway tile designs and unique tile finishes – far removed from the plain old white walls we’re used to seeing.

If saving space is on top of your list, then there’s no overlooking one-piece units or what we call ‘shower/tub combos’. These efficient solutions maximize room without compromising style or comfort. But if adding character is more up your alley, freestanding bathtub/shower combos might just be perfect. Their charm lies not only in their stylish appearance but also their adaptability – allowing them to blend seamlessly into any design scheme.

Apart from aesthetics and functionality, another notable trend leans towards improving safety measures within these units by incorporating features such as slip-resistant floors and grab bars.

Bathtub Shower Combo Innovations You Can’t Miss

  • The Subway Tile Design: A throwback to classic styles offering clean lines for an elegant finish.
  • Natural Light Integration: This idea uses translucent materials on sections of the enclosure which allows natural light flow while maintaining privacy.
  • Replacement Kits: The innovative Bootz Industries‘ combo replacement kits are budget-friendly, easy to install and a great way to upgrade your existing setup.

something for everyone. You can choose from a variety of styles, sizes, and features to create the perfect bathing experience that suits your needs. From compact units for small spaces to luxurious setups with multiple shower heads – it’s all within reach.

Key Takeaway: 


Other standout features include subway tile designs, natural light integration through translucent materials. These additions not only enhance the visual appeal but also create a soothing ambiance for your bath time. So, whether you’re revamping an old bathroom or designing a new one, these bathtub shower combos offer a perfect blend of luxury and practicality.


Is a tub and shower combo a good idea?

Absolutely. Tub shower combos save space, offer flexibility for different bathing preferences, and can enhance the value of your home.

What is a bathtub shower combo called?

This two-in-one feature is commonly referred to as either a “bathtub-shower combo” or simply “tub-shower”.

How much does it cost to install a new shower tub combo?

The average cost can range from $1,000-$5,000, depending on factors like materials used and labor costs.

Can you have a soaking tub shower combo?

Sure thing. You can find models that incorporate deep soaking bathtubs with showers for ultimate relaxation in one package.


A bathtub shower combo is the versatile, stylish solution you’ve been looking for. This space-saving marvel can turn any bathroom into a spa-like haven.  From exploring their popularity and benefits to diving deep into different types, we covered it all.

You learned about enhancing your bathing experience with small upgrades that make big impacts. You discovered various design styles – from traditional elegance to rustic charm – and how they add personality to your tub-shower combos. Plus, you got insights on factors like price and shape when choosing the right one for your needs.

Remember, installation needn’t be daunting if you opt for professional help or pick up DIY skills at home centers! No matter what kind of bathroom project lies ahead of you; this guide has equipped you with knowledge that’ll serve as a solid foundation in creating your perfect sanctuary!

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