Complete Guide to Choosing and Installing Shower Enclosures

Uncovering the secrets of selecting and installing shower enclosures

Ever walked into a bathroom and felt like you’ve entered an oasis? The key element that can make or break this experience is the shower enclosure. A sliding door glistening with droplets, frameless glass beckoning you in – it’s more than just a barrier between wet and dry. It sets the tone for your entire bathroom.

Deciding on the right shower enclosure for your bathroom can be a daunting task, but this guide will help make it easier by exploring types of enclosures, sizes and finishes, installation procedures, popular brands and more. We’ll delve deep into types of enclosures, understand how to choose based on size and finishes, learn about installation procedures, review popular brands…all leading up to ensuring you have the perfect shower solution tailored for your space.

I promise by end of our journey together; water infiltration issues will feel less daunting and maintenance won’t seem such a chore anymore. Ready?

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Table Of Contents:

Understanding Shower Enclosures

The world of shower enclosures is diverse, featuring a wide range of styles and types. From sliding to pivot to neo-angle, each enclosure brings unique benefits and fits specific bathroom designs.

Types of Shower Enclosures

To start with, let’s talk about the different kinds you might come across in your quest for the perfect shower. You’ll find variations like sliding doors, pivots, neo angles – which are great for corner installations -, round options for those who want an ultra-modern look and frameless designs that offer a clean aesthetic appeal.

You also have flexibility when it comes to installation shapes. Rectangular models provide plenty of room while square or round ones save space without compromising on style or comfort.

Key Features of Shower Enclosures

Moving onto features that define these structures; glass thickness plays a crucial role in durability and safety. The most common glass thicknesses range from 1/4″ to 5/16″, with certain brands offering more options such as American Standard.

Beyond glass thickness lies another key feature – frame type. Some people prefer semi-frameless units because they blend seamlessly into any decor whereas others love fully framed versions due to their classic elegance.

The last important aspect we will touch upon here is door type. While some adore sleek sliding doors that don’t intrude into bathroom space, others favor pivot doors because they add drama with their swing-out action.

In conclusion understanding various aspects such as installation type, door type can be very helpful in choosing best fit enclosure based on individual needs.

Choosing the Right Shower Enclosure

The first step to finding your dream shower enclosure is deciding on the right size. Popular door widths range from 24 inches to 60 inches and above. Consideration should also be given to handle types, with options including bar and square grip.

To choose an ideal fit for your bathroom layout, you need to measure carefully. Don’t forget about any plumbing needs that might influence where a shower can go or how big it can be. Delta’s guide offers some handy tips on this matter.

Beyond measurements, consider product style based on your preferences. Are you drawn towards a frameless design or perhaps a neo angle model? Different styles not only give unique aesthetics but also offer varying levels of water infiltration control.

The Role of Finishes in Selection

A shower enclosure isn’t just functional; it’s part of your bathroom decor too. The finish application plays an important role here. High gloss white finishes are sleek and modern while matte black ones lend a dramatic touch.

If you’re looking for special values in terms of durability and easy maintenance, coated glass enclosures may be worth considering because they resist staining better than regular glass showers.

You could get even more specific with features like exposed rollers which add industrial charm or opt for pivot doors if space allows them. Remember though that different materials will require distinct care routines so factor these into decision making as well.

Installing Shower Enclosures

The installation of your shower enclosure doesn’t have to be a daunting task. With the right tools and this handy guide, you’ll soon be enjoying your new shower experience.

Step 1: Check Your Plumbing Needs

Your first move is to assess your plumbing needs. Make sure that the water lines and drain location are compatible with your chosen enclosure. It’s also crucial to avoid any potential water infiltration issues during this phase.

Step 2: Set Up The Shower Base And Walls

Next, you’ll need to install the shower base – it’s critical for directing water towards the drain. Ensure that it’s level so there won’t be any standing water in odd places. Then proceed with installing walls according to manufacturer guidelines. For some models like neo angle or corner showers, setting up walls can require extra attention due to their unique shapes.

Step 3: Install The Exposed Rollers Or Sliding Mechanism (If Any)

If you’re going for a sliding door or semi frameless style then here comes an interesting part – putting on those exposed rollers. These allow smooth movement of doors without compromising on aesthetic appeal.

Tips To Remember:

  • Avoid rushing through each step; patience will pay off.
  • Safety First.: Always wear protective gear while working around glass panels or heavy materials.
  • Maintenance starts from day one – regularly clean enclosures especially coated glass ones for longevity.

Here’s a more detailed guide that can help you in your shower installation job. So roll up those sleeves and let’s make your dream bathroom a reality.

Reviewing Popular Shower Enclosure Brands

When it comes to shower enclosures, the brand matters. A lot. Let’s dive into a review of some popular brands that offer high-quality shower enclosures.

Comparing Top Brands

The market is filled with several noteworthy brands like Aston, Glass Warehouse, and DreamLine. But there are two particular names we need to discuss – OVE Decors and American Standard.

Ove Decors:

Ove Decors offers a fit shower experience like no other. With their exceptional range of frameless sliding doors and neo-angle showers, they’ve truly mastered the art of bathroom design. Their coated glass options not only enhance aesthetics but also ensure longevity.

American Standard:

Moving on to American Standard – a name synonymous with quality in the realm of home improvement products for over 140 years now. They specialize in providing an extensive variety of semi-frameless showers that can seamlessly blend into any decor style.

Name Type Of Shower Doors Glass Options Available?
Ove Decors Frameless Sliding & Neo-Angle Showers Yes (Coated)
American Standard Semi-Frameless Doors N/A

When choosing between these two brands, consider your specific bathroom layout and personal preferences. Both brands present distinct designs and characteristics to accommodate varied desires and requirements.

To make an informed decision on the right shower enclosure for you, do some homework. Research each brand’s offerings thoroughly before committing to a purchase. Remember – it’s not just about aesthetics; functionality plays a key role too.

Comparing Different Types of Shower Enclosures

Bearing in mind the various types of shower enclosures, it is essential to make an informed decision. Two popular choices are sliding door showers and steam showers.

Sliding Door Showers

First up, let’s discuss sliding door showers. Sliding door showers are acclaimed for their ability to save space, since they don’t need extra room when opening or closing. But one feature that often goes unnoticed is the range of glass thickness available. Options include 1/4″, 1/8″, 3/8″, 3/16″, 5/16″, and even as thin as 5/32″. This variety lets you tailor the look and feel according to your preference.

Steam Showers

Moving on to steam showers, these offer a spa-like experience right at home. Not only do they provide an invigorating cleanse but also help with relaxation after a long day. Keep in mind though; steam showers need careful installation since proper sealing is required around all edges and fixtures inside the stall – this ensures no moisture escapes into other parts of your bathroom.

The choice between these two ultimately depends on what you value more – convenience or luxury? Both come with their own sets of benefits so consider factors like space availability, desired ambiance, budget constraints before making a decision.

Dream Bath Solutions: Your Partner In Choosing Right

No matter which type you choose, Dream Bath Solutions is here to help. We’ve got a wide range of high-grade shower stalls, catering to all your bathroom design needs. Our team ensures you get the perfect fit for your space and style while providing seamless installation service.

So whether it’s sliding door showers or steam showers, we’re here to make sure you have the dream bath solution that suits your needs best.

Maintenance and Care for Shower Enclosures

Keeping your shower enclosure in top shape isn’t as daunting as it sounds. It’s all about consistent care and knowing the right methods.

Maintaining Coated Glass Enclosures

Coated glass enclosures are a popular choice due to their sleek appearance. But, they can be prone to water infiltration if not properly maintained. So how do you keep them looking brand new?

The answer lies in regular cleaning with non-abrasive cleaners that won’t scratch or dull the surface of your coated glass. Avoid using harsh chemicals that might strip off the protective coating on your shower door. Instead, opt for natural solutions like vinegar diluted with warm water.

To prevent build-up from hard water stains or soap scum, make sure you’re wiping down your shower walls after each use. A simple squeegee swipe goes a long way.

But what happens when there is an unexpected issue? For instance, sometimes frame types may influence how much dirt gets trapped around edges of doors and seals which could lead to mold growth over time.

Replacement Parts tool, comes handy here. It allows you easy access to various parts so that any necessary replacements don’t become an ordeal.

Now let’s talk about specific issues related to different kinds of enclosures.

For those sporting sliding doors, check regularly for smooth movement without strain; this helps ensure exposed rollers aren’t damaged leading to further complications.

Next up are our friends who have opted for neo-angle showers – always verify whether drainage is working optimally at every angle.

Last but certainly not least – remember steam showers require additional maintenance owing high humidity levels inside these cubicles – check often for any signs of water infiltration.

With these tips, maintaining your shower enclosure becomes less of a chore and more of an easy routine. Remember, keeping your bathroom in top shape not only ensures a clean environment but also adds to the value of your residence.

Key Takeaway: 


Keeping your shower enclosure in tip-top shape is a breeze with regular care and the right methods. Regular cleaning with non-abrasive cleaners keeps coated glass looking new, while wiping down walls prevents build-up of hard water stains or soap scum. Stay ahead of potential issues by regularly checking moving parts and drainage systems, particularly for sliding doors and neo-angle showers. But don’t stop there. Make sure you’re also keeping an eye on other components to ensure everything’s running smoothly.

Troubleshooting Common Issues with Shower Enclosures

Running into problems with your shower enclosure can be a real headache. Don’t fret, we’re here to lend a hand in tackling the most frequent difficulties that can occur with your shower enclosure.

Solving Water Infiltration Issues

One of the most frequent complaints is water infiltration. It’s not just about having wet floors but it also leads to more serious concerns like mold growth and structural damage.

To prevent this issue, make sure the exposed rollers on your sliding door are in good shape and working smoothly. They should glide effortlessly along their track without causing any gaps for water to seep through.

In addition, check your plumbing needs regularly; poor drainage or leaks could lead to unwanted water build-up inside the shower stall. This guide offers some great tips on maintaining your plumbing system effectively.

Facing Product Manipulation Problems

A lesser-known yet important issue revolves around product manipulation – essentially how easy it is for you as a user to operate different components of the shower enclosure such as doors and handles. For example, pivot showers require more space for operation compared with sliding door models due to its swinging action outwards into the bathroom area while neo-angle showers offer better space efficiency because they fit neatly into corners. Check out these popular options at

Maintaining Coated Glass Features

Glass features can significantly enhance both aesthetics and functionality of an enclosure – coated glass reduces cleaning effort by preventing hard-water spots. However, over time they may show signs of wear and tear leading to potential cracks or cloudiness which affects visibility within shower stalls. Replacement Parts tool from Dream Bath Solutions provides excellent maintenance solutions ensuring your shower enclosure remains in top shape.

Key Takeaway: 


Don’t let common shower enclosure issues get you down. For water infiltration, keep those rollers in check and stay on top of your plumbing needs. Product manipulation problems? Consider the space efficiency of neo-angle showers or the easy operation of sliding door models. And remember to care for your coated glass features – they’re key for a clean look and functionality.

Innovations in Shower Enclosures

Let’s take a peek into the latest developments in frameless shower enclosures.

Latest in Frameless Shower Enclosures

One trend that’s gaining traction is the use of coated glass. This isn’t just any coating but one designed to resist water infiltration. By repelling water droplets, coated glass reduces streaks and stains – no more arduous scrubbing sessions.

Besides its practicality, it also brings an aesthetic upgrade. The enhanced clarity of this type allows for seamless integration into various bathroom designs.

The evolution doesn’t stop at the glass material; door types are changing too. Traditional hinged doors are making way for semi-frameless sliding options which not only save space but also offer sleek visuals thanks to exposed rollers.

This innovation blends functionality with style: there’s no compromise between having a compact enclosure and enjoying high-end design features.

Another exciting development involves the introduction of neo-angle showers. These unique structures fit snugly into corners while maximizing interior space – a perfect solution if you’re looking to make efficient use of your bathroom layout.

Neo angle showers, often made from clear or frosted tempered glass, lend a modern look to bathrooms without sacrificing durability or safety measures associated with traditional materials like acrylic or fiberglass.

Styling and Designing with Shower Enclosures

When it comes to styling your bathroom, shower enclosures play a pivotal role. They can define the aesthetic of your space and impact its functionality too. Let’s look at how different styles such as frameless shower enclosures, semi-frameless showers or neo angle designs can elevate your bathroom design.

Dream Bath Solutions with Frameless Showers

The elegance of frameless shower enclosures is undeniable. These are perfect for showcasing high gloss white tiles or matte black finishes inside the enclosure without any obstruction from frames.

If you’re looking for sleek lines and minimalistic style, these are an excellent choice because they give an illusion of more space in smaller bathrooms due to their transparent nature.

Semi-Frameless: A Mix Of Tradition And Modernity

Moving on to semi-frameless options – they provide a blend between traditional framed models and modern frameless ones. Their sturdy build helps prevent water infiltration while offering ample visual appeal. You could consider coated glass variants here which add that extra shimmer to the aesthetics.

Innovating With Neo Angle Designs

Neo angle showers, especially those built into corner spaces, offer unique style opportunities too. Coupled with sliding doors instead of regular swinging ones saves precious square footage – making them ideal choices for compact bathrooms.


How much should a shower enclosure cost?

The price of shower enclosures can vary widely, ranging from $200 to over $2,000. Factors like size, materials used, and brand impact the final cost.

What is the best type of shower enclosure?

The “best” depends on your needs. For space-saving options, consider sliding door types; for elegance, go with frameless or semi-frameless models.

Is fiberglass or acrylic shower enclosure better?

Fiberglass is lighter and cheaper but less durable than acrylic. Acrylic might be pricier but offers more durability and longevity in return.

What is the difference between a shower cabin and a shower enclosure?

A shower cabin comes as one unit including a tray, walls, and roof, while an enclosure usually includes just doors around a separate tray area.


Choosing the right shower enclosure doesn’t have to be a headache. You’ve now learned about different types, sizes and finishes available in the market. You’ve gained insights into installation procedures, popular brands and latest trends in shower enclosures. But remember – always choose based on your bathroom layout and personal preferences.

Maintenance isn’t as daunting anymore with tips for caring coated glass surfaces at your fingertips. And water infiltration issues? We covered solutions for those too! Armed with this knowledge, you’re ready to pick an enclosure that not only suits your needs but also enhances your overall bathroom design. Your dream oasis is just around the corner!

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